A book that makes you move

I knew that such a book has to exist well before I actually got to know its title or the name of the authors who contributed to it. At first, I tried to construct it piece by piece from other books like the one written by Marie-Claire Bancquart, Paris des surréalistes, and from photographies seen in Centre Pompidou and in books by Brassai. Then I found out that the book I was looking for, Guide du Paris surréaliste had just appeared in March 2012, written by a team under the supervision of Henri Béhar.

The structure of the book offers all the necessary details for recreating the itineraries of several well-known surrealist “walks” and offers also a guide for our eyes. The itineraries themselves would not be able to offer us surrealist “landscapes”, we also need to train our way of perception to capture the surrealist Paris. Maps, photos, lists and addresses, descriptions and quotations from surrealist texts help us to achieve this.

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No answers

It is a real quest to get to the Paul Delvaux Museum in Sint-Idesbald–Koksijde, but it is worth the effort.
The quest begins on the train from Paris to Dunkerque with the reading of an interesting book of dialogues, where only the first level of the dialogue is a proper one (the other levels are those between images and texts, and of imaginary letters addressed to Delvaux), Continue reading